How It All Began . . .

Founder and world-renowned interior designer Penny Morrison is known and loved for her unique ability to create beautiful, harmonious spaces through surprising design combinations. Pairing unexpected pieces, patterns and palettes, her designs are a visual feast brimming with colour and exuding spontaneity and sophistication in equal measure. Throughout her forty-year career, she has established herself as one of the leading names in interior design, both here in the United Kingdom and internationally.

While working as an interior designer for a diverse portfolio of private and commercial clients, Penny recognised gaps in the wider industry that hindered her projects. Refusing to compromise on her creative vision, Penny took matters into her own hands, expanding her business to branch out into fabric and wallpaper design in 2010 and – five years later – a collection of home accessories to embody the inimitable style that the Penny Morrison brand has become so synonymous with.

Penny Morrison Today

Over the past forty years, Penny Morrison has grown into a family-run business with Penny’s son, Ted Morrison leading business development and managing the day-to-day running of the company, which today expands across three core branches: interior design, textiles and home accessories, all of which embody Penny’s ethos of bold, colourful and playful design.

– Interior Design –

Supported by a select team, Penny Morrison continues to be a leading figure in interior design, working on residential and commercial projects around the world. From city townhouses and country manors to Caribbean hotels and exotic beach houses, her work spans a diverse range of properties and her approach is always underpinned by a steadfast commitment to each project’s unique requirements. 



– The Fabric & Wallpaper Collection – 

After struggling to source the perfect curtain and upholstery fabrics for one of her interior design projects, Penny set about designing her own fabrics, a range that she described as ‘floppy linens’. The first designs in the Penny Morrison fabric collection were launched over ten years ago and since then, Penny Morrison has become one of the most sought after textile brands among the country’s leading interior designers and taste-makers.

From Turkish embroidery and Japanese textiles to Anglo-Indian symbols and ancient Greek Motifs, Penny and her design team take their inspiration from vibrant cultures around the world and throughout history, reimagining them through a contemporary lens that is entirely unique to the free-spirited Penny Morrison style. 

The fabrics and wallpapers are all designed here in Britain, and while the collection is influenced by art and textiles from across the globe, at the heart of every design is a respect and admiration for British heritage and the long-standing textile industry in the United Kingdom. We are incredibly proud to be a British brand and also produce and print all of our fabrics and wallpapers in the United Kingdom in order to reduce our carbon footprint and support the local industry. We are privileged to work with some of the best mills and prints around the country. 

The range is now available in a growing number of showrooms around the globe including the U.S., Australia, Canada, Singapore, Spain and South Africa. We are honoured to represent the best of British design and textiles on the international stage.

Discover the Penny Morrison Fabric and Wallpaper range 

– The Home Accessories Collection – 

Following the success of the fabric and wallpaper branch of the company, and in response to the growing demand for unique and bespoke home accessories, the Penny Morrison brand expanded further into the design industry, this time with the launch of its home accessories collection in 2018.

Available mostly online as well as from its London showroom, The Penny Morrison Home Accessories pieces are designed and sourced by the Penny Morrison team. The eclectic accessories in the ever-growing collection – which includes lighting, tableware, glassware and soft furnishings – provide interior designers and retail clients alike with exquisite and often limited edition statement accessories that will seamlessly blend with all personal tastes, helping to create a unique and beautiful space, whether that be in a home, hotel, restaurant or office. 

Committed to supporting traditional craftsmanship, we work with highly talented artisans around the world including India, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Colombia, who bring our designs to life. Creating contemporary pieces using age-old techniques, we seek to support the craftsmen and women in these rural communities and to help sustain the intricate skills passed on through generations.